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A Social Listening tool for Brand Monitoring & Showcasing Social Proof

Social Spider crawls & analyses user-generated content from many sources (social media, newspapers, blogs, review platforms, etc.) into one stream, so that You can get a better understanding of who is talking about your brand online, show social proof for your products & services.

Popular Social Wall Solutions

Brand Social Wall

Brand Social Wall

Display all your branded social media content on your social wall. Mix it with posts from your happy customers and influencers to increase brand awareness and trust.

Social Wall for Digital Signage

Curate content from multiple social media platforms and display it on a social wall, Integrate the social wall on your digital signage device for more interactive content or advertisement.

Social Wall for Events

Use a live social wall at your event to connect with your audience and create a sense of community. Highlight speakers and workshops or sell ad space to your sponsors.

Social Wall for Hashtag Campaigns

Collect and display all social media content from your hashtag campaign in one place. Showcase the best posts, photos and videos from multiple social platforms on a hashtag wall.

Reviews Widgets

Boost trustworthiness by showing real users’ reviews. Reveal your rating with reviews from Facebook, Google, Amazon on product pages and increase sales.

Social Commerce Solution

Make content actionable with customizable calls-to-action — directly connecting products or services with eCommerce or booking pages. Showcase authentic social proof alongside your branded assets to help convert drive online conversions.

Why Your Brand Should Use a Social Wall

Empowering Marketing

Tell your brand’s story with content aggregation

  • Social media aggregation from 13+ social media platforms
  • Content collection by hashtag, keywords or from specific profiles
  • Real-time content update intervals
  • GDPR compliant – we use official APIs only
  • Well-documented social media wall API for developers
  • Custom image and video upload options

Stay in control with automatic curation and moderation

  • Manual or automatic content approval
  • Easy-to-use social media wall moderation
  • Unlimited social wall moderators
  • Filter content by language or keywords
  • Automated spam filtering for images and text
  • Remote moderation from any device
Empowering Marketing

Improve brand awareness with a custom feed

  • Fully customizable according to your brand need
  • Fully responsive design
  • Social feed automatic scrolling
  • User-friendly design editor, no coding skills needed
  • Logo upload
  • CSS customization available

Content Marketing

Display your content anywhere, anytime

  • Easy to embed on any website or mobile app
  • Easy embed and integration with any event platform
  • Support for all website builders, eCommerce stores, blog platforms
  • Support for all digital signage solutions
  • Flexible display options


Social Wall is fast, powerful and user-friendly. Get your hands on a ton of options to customize the design and behavior of your social media feed.




Per User

All Popular Social Networks

And their number is growing (based on popular requests).

Responsive Design

Reacts to swipe motion for sliding on mobiles.

Content Moderation

Exclude posts by word, username or URL. Protect your grid from trolls and spam!

Highly Customizable

Change any aspect including colors, card width, margins, design templates etc.

Multiple Feeds & Streams

Add as much social feeds to any of your stream as you need.

Social Sharing Buttons

Drive the interaction and user involvement!

Smart Server Caching

Social wall loads almost instantly. No need to load data every time.

Smart Image Caching

Images size calculated on server and grid is built one time.

Lightbox Galleries

Display images in a lightbox with attractive animations with preloading.

Social Wall Features


Make sticky and always show any custom content: your brand info with links, custom advertisements or third-party advertisements, any announcements, event promotions and whatever you think of.

Ad Analytics

This analyst will provide the number of views and clicks for each of your ad. You will be able to easily compare the performance of different ads and make important conclusions. Based on advertising testing you can determine which ads are more suitable to your audience.


Cast your social hub directly to a live TV, projector, or HDMI broadcast device with just one click!

Brand Monitoring Features


Sentiment Analysis

Leverage our automated sentiment analysis to find potential positive and negative reviews.

Social Media Monitoring

Get a better understanding of who is talking about your brand online. Analyze buzz quality and quantity to gain new insights about your customers.

Get instant alert!

Get instant notification when your brand is mentioned online. Be the first to react to improve your company image & increase customer satisfaction. Handle problematic comments before they escalate.
Simple pricing

Choose a plan that
fits your requirments.

$50 Per Month
  • Unlimited Social Feeds
  • Unlimited Social Walls
  • Broadcast on Big Screen
  • Run Ad Campaign inside Stream
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$100 Per Month
  • Brand Monitoring Analytics
  • Unlimited Social Feeds
  • Unlimited Social Walls
  • Broadcast on Big Screen
  • Run Ad Campaign inside Stream
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License Fee: $1000 &

$300 Per Month
  • Rebrand Social Spider as your company
  • Sell to Unlimited Customers
  • Custom Domain
  • Payment Gateway Integrated
  • No Server Needed
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More Use Cases

Social Wall for Universities

Engage students with a social wall and encourage them to share their campus experience on social media. Collect all the impressions on graduation day or any sports day.

Government institutions

Social wall is a great way to open a direct dialogue between a government and its citizens. Engage, inform and educate through social media to foster transparency and social trust. Use photos, videos and information that is published every day and display it on a real-time social feed.

Social proof on e-commerce sites

With Social Spider, you can gather mentions of your brand, products, and hashtags and display social proof on your product page. Authentic social media content and product feedback from other customers drive sales.

Sports: Teams, Fans and Athlete

Secure a victory with a social wall — connect fans and players, include sponsored ads, and create interactive sports experiences.

Private Events: Wedding Wall

Engage your guests while you walk down the aisle and let them create & capture moments, manifesting a sense of community, as the Wedding Social Wall curates & displays all these precious memories.

Turn Inspiration Into Bookings

Consumers look up to authentic content that works as social proof when discovering and booking their next adventures, places to stay and eat. In fact, 52% of social media users said to have found their travel inspiration by looking at peer pictures.

Social Spider for Good

We believe in those who do good for the society and we do the same for them. We offer discounts to Non Profit and Educational institutions to motivate them to do the greater good. Chat with us!

Partnership Program

Earn revenue from our conversions. Join our partnership program to earn upto 30% commission recurring monthly. For agencies & resellers who wish to grow together with us. Chat now!

Single Day Event

Single day event pass with all premium display features. Chat with us to get the quotes.

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