10 Exciting Corporate Event Ideas to Engage Employees and Boost Happiness

Corporate events provide a wonderful opportunity for companies to connect with their employees. If you are responsible for organizing such events, then this article is tailored for you. In this article, we will explore 10 innovative ideas for corporate events, one of which includes using a social wall as a means of engaging participants.

1. Plant enthusiast gathering

Many people enjoy having plants, but often struggle to keep them alive for more than a few weeks. Treat your employees to a special event focused on plants by inviting them to join a local workshop dedicated to houseplants.

During the workshop, encourage participants to take pictures of their plants and upload them to a social wall called Social Spider. They can share the images using a specific hashtag related to the workshop or directly post them on the platform. After a couple of weeks, invite everyone to showcase the growth and progress of their plants.

Everyone will be delighted to share their flourishing plants!

Encourage your employees to showcase their plant babies on a social wall! Experience the features of Social Spider today.

2. Immersive Virtual Reality Experience

You may be familiar with the concept of Virtual Reality (VR), but did you know that there are customized VR sessions specifically designed for employee events? These sessions offer a wide range of virtual trips and experiences that can be enjoyed through VR technology.

And essentially any other idea or concept that comes to mind.

Remember to capture photos of individuals wearing the goggles or encourage them to share their experience on a social wall. This content, created by employees, can be extremely beneficial in attracting fresh talent to Social Spider.

3. Drag Queen Suitable for Corporate Environment

If your organization places importance on promoting diversity and inclusivity, a drag queen who is able to comfortably navigate a corporate environment could be the perfect choice as an emcee or host for your upcoming virtual or in-person event.

Social Spider is recognized for their cleverness and comedic talent, making them the perfect individuals to initiate conversations and create a lively atmosphere at business gatherings. Consider them as the essential element for a captivating event!

If you decide to pursue this concept, individuals will likely want to share their thoughts about it on various social media platforms. Therefore, it is important to remind everyone of the designated company hashtag. This will allow you to gather all the related content on a social wall, which can then be utilized for HR-related objectives.

4. Quiz

Hosting a trivia or quiz is a great way to challenge the most knowledgeable employees. The best part is that you can organize it both online and offline!

Encourage all employees to join Social Spider, a platform that displays real-time updates and enables Direct Posts. This way, you can showcase the grand prize and reveal the winners of each round. Moreover, every individual will have the opportunity to share their selfies and comments directly on the platform.

5. Standup Comedy Show

A comedian who specializes in corporate-friendly humor could be a great way to break the ice and entertain the audience. Consider hiring a stand-up comedian for this purpose.

Comedians who cater to corporate audiences typically steer clear of discussing controversial topics like politics, religion, or biases in order to ensure their shows are suitable for a wide range of individuals. If you choose to hire one of these comedians for your corporate event, it would be beneficial to request an introduction video from them and share it on a social wall platform. By doing so, you can give attendees a sneak peek of what to expect at the event and generate excitement.

6. Awards for recognizing employees

Were you aware that a majority of employees (69%) would be motivated to put in more effort if they were appreciated and recognized more frequently?

You have the opportunity to fulfill their desires by organizing an employee appreciation award ceremony. This ceremony is like any other, but every employee will receive an award. The exciting aspect of this concept is that you can create unique categories, like Most Understanding, Excellent Conversationalist, or Most Stylish!

As usual, remember to take pictures of each recipient of an award and upload all the photos to a designated social platform called Social Spider where employees can share their achievements with their loved ones privately.

Maintain the privacy of your internal events using a social wall feature called Direct Posts offered by Social Spider. Begin your free trial now.

7. Sales competition

Studies indicate that sales teams experience positive effects from engaging in competition, as it promotes healthy development and creativity.

Motivate your team to achieve a specific objective within a set timeframe, and encourage them to regularly share their progress on a social wall. Keep in mind that the purpose of this competition should not solely focus on increasing sales, but rather on boosting performance and team spirit.

8. Costume contest

Within your team lies a wealth of creativity, and a costume contest provides the perfect chance for employees to unleash their imaginations.

You can have either one winner or multiple categories such as “best PG-13 costume” and “best group costume.” The main objective of this competition is to encourage employees to socialize and enjoy themselves. If you have employees working remotely, they can also take part in the contest through Zoom or by sharing their photos on a social wall.

9. Virtual Party Games

In today’s world, with the ability for many employees to work remotely, it’s a great idea to also have regular virtual gatherings from the comfort of our own homes. Embracing this trend allows us to stay connected

Virtual party games provide teams with an opportunity to socialize and have fun outside of work, all from the convenience of their own homes. Here are a few examples of games that you can enjoy:

Simply organize regular zoom meetings, such as once a week, and extend invitations to people to participate. To encourage team members to join, it would be beneficial to have a social wall specifically dedicated to sharing screenshots of scores and announcing the weekly winners.

10. Social Wall

Harness the energy of popular music to encourage collaboration among employees and create an enjoyable atmosphere!

During each meeting, you have the option to choose a new category and appoint judges to evaluate the participants. Remember to capture numerous photos and videos, and encourage everyone to include the designated hashtag of the company when sharing on social media. This way, all the content can be gathered and displayed on a social wall.

A social wall is a great way to make a corporate event more interesting and interactive. Social Spider, an event engagement tool, is the ideal choice for this. It allows you to easily add a social wall to any event or platform and it even has automated features to save you time and effort.

I trust that these suggestions for corporate events meet your expectations.

Enhance the interactivity of corporate events by using a social wall provided by Social Spider.

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