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The Covid-19 pandemic has hit the world’s economies hard, leaving many industries scrambling to survive. Banks, which have traditionally been one of the sturdiest pillars of economies around the world, are no exception. In order to weather this economic downturn, the Financial Brand recommends that bank marketers pivot their strategies in three key ways.

1. Focus on digital channels

With social distancing measures in place, branch traffic and in-person promotions have become much less effective. Bank marketers must pivot their strategies to focus on digital channels such as social media and digital advertising. This means increasing investments in digital channels while focusing on content that will increase interaction and engagement with their target audience.

2. Leverage data to target customers more effectively

Data-driven marketing is the key to effectively reaching customers during this crisis. Bank marketers should use customer data to create tailored messaging that resonates with customers. Tools such as customer segmentation and personalization can help create high-value content that will promote engagement and trust.

3. Focus on customer care

During this crisis, banks will be judged by how well they support and care for their customers. Bank marketers should focus on creating campaigns that foster emotional connections, promote a sense of community, and demonstrate how the bank is committed to its customers.

Ultimately, successful bank marketing in a recession requires making the right pivots. By focusing on digital channels, leveraging data to target customers more effectively, and putting customer care at the forefront of their strategies, bank marketers can ensure their survival in this challenging time.