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Digiphy is an innovative company leveraging the power of Hyperlink Augmented Reality (HAR) to bridge the communication gap between brands and customers. In an effort to bridge the physical and digital divide, Digiphy allows brands to quickly link customers to relevant content via mobile devices.

With Digiphy’s technology, companies can share product information, commercial promotions, discounts, links to social media accounts, and so much more — all with one simple scan. In addition, customers can benefit from dynamic customer service options and brand loyalty programs.

Here’s How it Works:

  • Brands create profile: Brands create a profile for their products and services on the Digiphy network.
  • Acquire codes: Brands acquire unique Code IDs from Digiphy, which allows a customer to quickly access to content.
  • Display codes: Brands showcase their Digiphy Code IDs onto their physical products or services.
  • Customers Scan: Customers simply scan the Digiphy Code ID with their device and receive the content.

Digiphy’s one-scan system makes it easy for customers to engage with brands and find exactly what they’re looking for. The convenience and user-friendly nature of the platform makes it perfect for businesses looking to strengthen their customer relationships and reach more consumers.

One recent example of Digiphy in action is with Sony´s PlayStation line. For consumers looking to learn more about the PS4, they could simply scan the QR Code featured on the game’s main cover for content such as trailers, advertisements, product reviews and more.

When it comes to connecting customers with relevant and up to date brand information, Digiphy is the perfect platform. From product information to dynamic customer-service options to loyalty programs, brands across the globe are increasingly leveraging Digiphy’s technology to take their customer relationships to the next level — one scan at a time.