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Gamic And Blurpe announcing Sponsorship For 50 Youths In Africa To Learn Software Engineering

Gamic and Blurpe have recently announced their partnership which will give 50 young people in Africa the opportunity to learn software engineering.

Purpose of Sponsorship

The sponsorship set out by this partnership is focused on giving African youths the opportunity to learn software coding and engineering. Once the program ends, the participants will be equipped to study software engineering at tertiary institutions or pursue a career in software engineering.

Benefits of Sponsorship

The participants will benefit from this sponsorship in the following ways:

  • Receive guidance – They will receive guidance in how to use technology to create applications and websites.
  • Access professional networks – They will access a professional network of experienced software engineers ready to mentor them.
  • Grow software engineering skills – They will gain the skills to become certified software engineers.
  • Get job placements – Successful participants will get placements in software engineering companies.

Terms And Conditions

The terms and conditions for sponsorship include the following:

  • The participants must be educated and between the ages of 18 and 29.
  • The participants must fully commit to and complete the software engineering programs.
  • Participants are also expected to share their experiences and challenges during the program.
  • Participants must commit to learning and creating technological projects with the potential to solve societal challenges.


This is an exciting opportunity for African youths to gain the skills necessary to pursue Software Engineering as a career. We are glad that this partnership has come together to help achieve this aim.