Giant Food Launches Exciting New Brand Campaign Centered Around Local

Giant Food, one of the largest grocery store chains in the United States, recently announced a new brand campaign centered around local. This exciting campaign seeks to make a meaningful connection with customers, as well as support local businesses in the communities Giant Food serves.

What the Campaign Entails

The new campaign involves several initiatives, all focused around the concept of ‘local’. These include:

  • A focus on locally-sourced food items across each of Giant Food’s stores. Customers will be able to purchase fresh produce, dairy, proteins, and other products sourced directly from local providers.
  • Partnerships with farmers and artisans in each local market. This will create meaningful connections between Giant Food and the local community, while supporting small local businesses.
  • New store designs and operations, directly tailored to the needs of local neighborhoods and customers.
  • A heavy focus on customer service, emphasizing personal connection and relationships with customers.

The ‘Local’ Space, Where Giant Food is Investing.

This exciting new campaign is a direct response to the ever-evolving competitive ‘local’ space. Customer expectations of grocery retailers, across all channels, are changing. The traditional model of walking into a grocery store and picking up items is in flux, as customers look for more from their shopping experience. A focus on ‘local’ — supporting local businesses, sourcing local produce, and creating more meaningful connections with customers — is one way of meeting these changing expectations.

Giant Food has identified this space as an area of investment, and is ready to meet customers’ expectations with its new brand campaign. It remains to be seen what impact this will have on the industry — but it’s sure to be an interesting journey.