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How Fossil Keeps Its 18-Month-Old Smartwatch Feeling Like New

Regular Software Updates

Fossil has given its smartwatch users an impressive 18-month-long update support – the longest of any manufacturer. It does this with the help of regular software updates. Fossil keeps releasing bug fixes and new features for its watches, ensuring that its watches remain up-to-date and can compete with new models on the market.

High Quality Materials and Components

Not only does Fossil make sure that its 18-month-old smartwatch stays up-to-date, but it also uses high quality materials and components to keep its watch looking, feeling and functioning like new. Fossil uses a combination of premium metals and sapphire, making the watch’s body feel and look great. The watch’s display is protected by an anti-fingerprint coating, and the bezel is scratch-resistant.

Comprehensive Warranty

Fossil goes one step further and also provides a comprehensive warranty for its smartwatches. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects, as well as accidental damage and water damage. This ensures that customers will be covered if their watch does sustain any damage.

What Else Can We Expect?

It is clear that Fossil is committed to providing its customers with the best experience when it comes to its 18-month old smartwatch. With regular software updates, high-quality materials, components and a comprehensive warranty, Fossil is set to keep its smartwatches performing like new for an impressive period of time.