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How Youthforia Went From Instagram to Ulta in Less Than 18 Months – Retail TouchPoints

Youthforia is an up and coming beauty products startup making waves in the industry. In a little less than eighteen months, their product line has skyrocketed in popularity, from Instagram influencer campaigns to now being stocked in the global retailer Ulta Beauty.

Instagram Launch

Youthforia’s first foray onto the beauty market was through their well-executed Instagram campaigns. Utilising influencers to promote their product line, they quickly achieved some impressive feats. Within the first few months, they were able to:

  • Gain nearly 1 million followers on Instagram
  • Drive over $400,000 in online sales
  • Secure placements in Nordstrom, Macy’s, and Sephora

Clearly, their approach to digital marketing through influencers was a success.

Landing Ulta Beauty

The team behind Youthforia continued their winning streak by securing a spot with Ulta Beauty, the leading beauty retailer in America with over 1,200 stores. The process of being stocked in Ulta is typically quite arduous and lengthy, but Youthforia was able to obtain a spot in less than eighteen months.

Just some of their successes, and their drive to innovate, ensured that their product was greeted with open arms by the retailer. One of the biggest considerations for Ulta was the independent ownership of the brand by its founders, and the commitment the team had in trying to create products that really stood out in the market.

Looking Ahead

Youthforia’s progress over the last eighteen months has been nothing short of remarkable. They have proven that a commitment to digital marketing and innovative products can lead to massive successes.

As they look forward, the next item on their agenda is to expand their product line even further. They have already released a range of innovative and game-changing products, such as their first sunscreen and a range of targeted skincare products.

The future looks very bright for Youthforia, and they are sure to make waves in the beauty industry for many years to come.