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Hyundai and Samsung to Pit Robotic Dogs Against Each Other in Amazing Tech Showcase

Korean tech giants Hyundai and Samsung have joined forces to create a robotic dog battle that promises to be an amazing tech showcase. The robot dogs created by the two companies will compete against each other in an arena.

Hyundai + Samsung = Cutting Edge Tech

Hyundai has already tapped into the robotics and artificial intelligence market, and the partnership with Samsung would indicate that the two companies are looking to capitalize on their combined resources to develop the latest cutting edge tech.

The Dog-Fight Details

The robotic dog-fight is promised to be an exciting event – the robots will compete against each other in an arena for three rounds. The first round will consist of basic obstacle course manoeuvres, and the second round will be a race. The final round however, has yet to be decided.

What Are the Benefits?

Apart from being an interesting showcase of tech from two of the world’s leading tech giants, the robotic dogs created could have a wide range of applications. For example, robotic dogs could be used for home security, for exploration and for rescue missions.

Hyundai and Samsung – What Are Their Goals?

By setting up this competition, both Hyundai and Samsung are aiming to:

  • Grow their presence in the robotics and artificial intelligence market.
  • Showcase the latest cutting-edge tech.
  • Gain insights on how their robots will fare in a competitive environment.

This robotic dog fight promises to be an amazing showcase of tech between two of the world’s leading companies in the robotics and AI market. Only time will tell what Hyundai and Samsung’s robotic dogs can do and what possibilities lay ahead.

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