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Illinois College Adds New Major to Communications Banner

Jacksonville Journal-Courier recently announced that Illinois College has added a new major to their Communications program. The new Communications major is set to strengthen the existing program by adding interdisciplinary study options, a new curriculum and new advising initiatives.

Interdisciplinary Study Options

The new Communications major will combine the best aspects of traditional liberal arts training with the most innovative aspects of technology and communication. Students will be able to select from two concentrations:

  • Media & Digital Storytelling – take classes on analysis of traditional and digital media platforms, selection and production of media content, and advanced writing and storytelling techniques
  • Public Relations & Strategic Communication – study the principles of strategic communication, public relations writing techniques, and crisis communication plans

Curriculum and Advising

The new program will benefit from a dedicated team of experienced and passionate faculty who have designed a curriculum that is focused and relevant. These professors have backgrounds in communications, media, digital technologies and other related subjects so students will have a holistic understanding of this ever-changing field.

The Illinois College advising team is also proud to introduce a comprehensive new advising initiative for the Communications major. This new program will ensure that students receive the support and guidance they need to succeed in their academic pursuits and to help them identify and explore internships, post-graduate studies and career pathways.


At Illinois College, the introduction of the Communications major is sure to make an impact on their already impressive reputation for academic excellence. Students will now be able to pursue a well-rounded education that offers both the traditional aspects of a liberal arts degree and the innovative technologies and skills of the 21st century. With the support of dedicated faculty, enriched curriculum, and a comprehensive advising initiative, there is no doubt that students studying Communications at Illinois College will gain the skills they need to become successful, informed citizens.