crime Scotland

In Scotland, video surveillance and a multitude of sensors will be utilized to tackle crime

Scotland is making plans to utilize advanced video surveillance and other detection systems in order to tackle crime. This is part of a progressive effort to help reduce crime and make Scotland a safer place.

What is the goal?

The goal of this initiative is to help make public spaces in Scotland safe and secure for people to use. This will involve the installation of cameras, motion sensors, and intelligent software that can help identify suspicious behavior and alert the authorities when necessary.

What technologies will be used?

A few of the technologies that will be used include:

  • Video surveillance: Video surveillance cameras will be used to monitor areas and help detect any suspicious activity.
  • Motion sensors: Infrared motion sensors will be used to detect movement in areas and alert the authorities.
  • Intelligent software: An intelligent software system will be used to analyze the video footage and detect any suspicious behavior.

How will this help reduce crime?

The use of these technologies will help reduce crime by providing more eyes and ears to monitor suspicious activities. This will allow the police and other authorities to intervene more quickly if needed, and hopefully reduce the amount of crime.


Scotland is taking a progressive step to reduce crime by utilizing modern technologies such as video surveillance, motion sensors, and intelligent software. This will help make public spaces safer and more secure, allowing people to feel secure when going out in public.