Resecurity® Recognized by Frost & Sullivan as a Leader in External Risk Mitigation and Management (ERMM)

Frost & Sullivan recently recognized Resecurity® as a leader in external risk mitigation and management (ERMM) for its innovative security solutions.

What is Frost & Sullivan?

Frost & Sullivan is a leading consulting firm focused on helping clients achieve their objectives in the fields of transformation, growth, and competitive landscape. Through its industry-leading research, Frost & Sullivan provides insights and recommendations to help companies in many industries achieve their business objectives.

Why is Resecurity® a Leader?

Resecurity® provides advanced cybersecurity solutions to organizations of all sizes, enabling them to protect their digital assets from malicious external threats. Its ERMM platform provides visibility and helps to detect, analyze, and respond to potential cyber threats in real-time.

Furthermore, the platform helps users to understand the external risk landscape in the modern business environment. Its proactive stance delivers deep insights into adversaries’ identities, tactics, techniques, and procedures. This helps organizations to both prevent and rapidly respond to external cyber threats.

Key Features of the Platform

The Resecurity® ERMM platform offers the following key features:

  • Data analytics: The platform uses machine learning-based technology to automatically analyze data and detect threats.
  • Real-time alerts: It provides users with real-time alerts on potential threats.
  • Data tracking: The platform tracks digital assets both internally and externally and provides users with timely alerts.
  • Threat intelligence: It offers detailed and comprehensive threat intelligence to help organizations understand and respond to threats quickly.


Due to its innovative security solutions, Resecurity® has been recognized by Frost & Sullivan as a leader in external risk mitigation and management (ERMM). The platform helps users to detect, analyze, and respond to external cyber threats in real-time, thus enabling organizations to protect their digital assets and prevent potential cyberattacks.