Reseller Version

With the Reseller Version, you have the opportunity to sell Social Spider to your customers under your own brand, domain, and pricing.

Exclusive advantages of our solution

  • We take care of everything including payments and taxes
  • You’re ready to sell and generate revenues in a few days
  • No coding needed
  • Set your pricing and your membership plans
  • Referral program for your customers
  • Choose your preferred business model
  • Daily and monthly backups
  • High performance guaranteed by our AWS server
  • Ready to use payment system
  • Ready to use invoicing system
  • Ready to use subscriptions system powered by Stripe
  • White Label paid option for your customers
  • Online taxes managed by Stripe / Rapyd / 2Checkout
  • Use our website for your business
  • Premium support
  • Ready to use WordPress plugin
  • Always updated to the latest Support Board version

How it works

1. Purchase the Reseller License

Purchase the Reseller License here. After purchasing the Reseller License fill up the form on your homepage.

2. Wait a few days

After receiving your form, we will start setting up your Social Wall business and in 48 hours you will be ready to start using it. While you will be able to use your own domain and brand, the software will be hosted on our server. We take care of everything and you just need to set up your domain and sign up for some services like Stripe and Pusher. We will send you detailed instructions on this. If you need to install it on your own server please contact us before purchasing the license and we will let you know if you can.

3. Complete the setup and start selling!

After completing the setup we will send you the login details for the admin area and documentation with instructions on how to use it (it’s very simple). From the admin area, you will manage your customers, notifications, subscription plans, pricing, and more. Once you’ve finished setting the latest settings, you’re ready to start selling! Your customers will sign up, purchase one of your plans, and start using the Support Board right from your domain.

To see what your business will look like, visit This is our personal reselling business and it is built using the same version you will be using. Your customers will access exactly the same registration and login form, the same admin area, the same account area, but with your branding, your domain, your prices and, if you want, some customisation. It’s all very fast and simple, we take care of everything.


  • One-time fee: $1000
  • Our fee: $300/Month up to 20GB Server Space
  • Payment processor fee:
    • No fee if you use your own Stripe or Paypal details
    • 5% of the earnings generated by selling Social Wall to your customers. If you use Social Spider’s default payment gateway,

This means that initially you will pay $1000. And monthly $300 from next month.

Ready to start?

To start reselling Social Spider, purchase the Reseller License from here. Fill up the form after subscription. We will get back to you with more information within 24 hours and in a few days your new business will be ready to start!