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SmartSense by Digi Accelerates Market Momentum Ahead of NRF Retail’s BIG Show

Digi, a leading machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider, announced that its SmartSense solution has been gaining significant traction with retailers. As retailers prepare to converge in New York City for one of the biggest industry events, the National Retail Federation’s BIG Show, held Jan. 13–15, Digi is accelerating its momentum as an end-to-end retail IoT solution.

Streamlining Retail Operations with SmartSense

SmartSense, powered by Digi, is a comprehensive end-to-end platform that enables any retailer to quickly deploy, monitor and manage the retail environment for higher efficiency and improved customer satisfaction. Features of SmartSense include:

  • Smart Monitoring: Real-time monitoring and visibility of the retail environment to detect temperature, humidity and other conditions.
  • Smart Inventory Management: Automated monitoring of inventory to ensure necessary stock levels are maintained and reduce costs.
  • Smart Store Security: Surveillance of sales floors and back rooms with motion and sound detection to ensure store security.
  • Smart Lighting: Automated lighting system that adjusts the brightness according to store activities and customer profiles.

SmartSense integrates with existing retail systems, such as point-of-sale and merchandising systems, to help retailers gain insights into customer behavior and store performance.

Unmatched Innovation at the NRF BIG Show

At the NRF BIG Show, Digi plans to showcase SmartSense’s unparalleled capabilities within the retail sector. Digi will provide retailers with live demonstrations of their solutions and have experts onsite to answer questions.

Digi will also be exhibiting a number of their other solutions, such as their XBee Wi-Fi and industrial-grade solutions, which enable secure, high-performance IoT networks.

Digi is committed to expanding its retail offering and accelerating growth in the retail space. Digi plans to continue to stay at the forefront of the retail IoT solutions market and has several new solutions and features in the pipeline.

At the NRF Show, Digi will demonstrate how their SmartSense platform can improve retailers’ operations, profitability and customer experience. With SmartSense, retailers will be able to more rapidly innovate and optimize their stores in order to meet their customers’ needs.