The Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses for Newbies: Baltic Times

Newcomers to digital marketing from the Baltic region have an array of choices when it comes to courses. Here is a selection of our top 5 digital marketing courses for newbies – both free and paid – in the Baltic Times:

Free Digital Marketing Courses

  • Coursera Digital Marketing Specialization: This is a five-course specialization covering topics such as content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media marketing, among others. With the specialization, you receive in-depth training and individualized feedback on your work.
  • Udemy Digital Marketing Course: This is an online course designed for beginners in the digital world who want to start from scratch with digital marketing. It covers key concepts, secrets tools and techniques, and provides hands-on experience to make you an expert in the field.
  • Google Digital Garage: This free digital marketing course by Google is designed to teach anyone the basics of digital marketing. The course offers modules on topics such as search engine optimization, content marketing, search engine marketing, and more.

Paid Digital Marketing Courses

  • Baltic SEO Bootcamp: This is a three-day intensive SEO bootcamp designed to equip entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketers with the skills and knowledge to differentiate their businesses and compete in the Baltic digital marketing landscape. By the end of the course, you will have increased your website traffic, boosted search engine rankings and established a sustainable presence on the web.
  • Baltic AdOps Bootcamp: This is a three-day intensive ad-ops bootcamp designed to teach you the fundamentals of digital advertising optimization. It covers topics such as campaign tracking, bid management, budget optimization, and more. You will also learn how to create effective ad strategies in the ever-evolving digital landscape.
  • Baltic Digital Advertising Mastery: This is a comprehensive digital advertising course designed with entrepreneurs and digital marketing professionals in mind. It covers the basics of digital advertising such as creating ads, setting goals, and tracking results. You will also learn about the different options for digital ad placements and how to optimize them for the best performance.

We hope that these digital marketing courses will give you the knowledge and confidence to get started in the field. Good luck!