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Harrison Hot Springs Welcomes New Fire Trucks With Push-In Ceremony

The Harrison Hot Springs Fire Department welcomed their newest piece of firefighting gear to the station on September 18th with a Push-In Ceremony.

A Special Moment

The ceremony was a special moment for local fire fighters and was attended by many who wanted to share in the moment. Fire Chief Mike Umback said, “We are incredibly proud to be welcoming new fire fighting equipment to our station. We have worked hard to ensure our community is well protected and this new truck is a major asset.”

New Features and Modern Technology

The newest fire truck is a 2018 Freightliner and features a 2000 GPM pump and a 1000-gallon water tank. It also boasts modern communication technologies and a specialized tool box for handling emergency situations. Dave Lazenby, the fire chief at nearby Kent Fire Department, was there to welcome their newest addition and said, “We are excited to add this much needed piece of firefighting equipment to our station, and we’re confident that it will serve our community well.”

A Proud Moment

The Push-In Ceremony marked a proud moment for the Harrison Hot Springs Fire Department. The event was culminated with a traditional “last call,” to remember fallen firefighters and honor those still serving.

At the end of the ceremony, Chief Umback said, “We are grateful and proud to be welcoming new technology and modern advances to our station. This new truck will serve and protect our community for years to come.”

The Harrison Hot Springs Fire Department is excited to welcome the new fire engine and looks forward to using it to help combat future fires in their area.