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What Your Favorite Song Says About Your Relationship Style

No matter what kind of music you’re into, your favorite song probably says a lot about your relationship style. According to recent research published in the journal SciTechDaily, the type of music you prefer and the lyrics you find resonant can reveal the kind of relationship dynamics and personal values that you bring to partnerships.

Love and Other Emotions

The research found that people who connect with songs about intense emotions tended to be more ‘open’ when in a relationship. This type of person has no problem letting their guard down, and embracing the passion and intensity of a romantic relationship. People who feel a strong connection to songs about nostalgia and longing for lost companionship tended to be more ‘introverted’ when it comes to relationships. They prefer to take things slow, and tend to take time to really get to know the person before letting them close.

Music Genres and Values

The research also looked at the different genres of music people prefer, and how this influences their relationship style. People who listen to traditional music, such as folk and blues, tend to prioritize shared values and commitment over all else in a relationship. They value loyalty, honesty, and mutual respect above all else. Those who prefer rock and pop music are more likely to prioritize trust and companionship, as well as mutual physical attraction. Electronic and hip hop fans tend to prioritize autonomy and personal freedom.


Ultimately, the research shows that our musical preferences are deeply intertwined with our relationship styles. Some people prefer passion and intensity while others want to take things slow. Some prioritize shared values while others prefer physical attraction. By understanding our relationship styles, we can better understand ourselves and how our music preference shape our lives.


  • Our musical preferences often reveal our attitudes and values. These attitudes and values influence our approach to relationships.
  • Different genres of music can reveal different aspects of our relationship style. Traditional music values commitment and shared values, while rock and pop music values trust and companionship, and electronic and hip hop music values autonomy.
  • By understanding our relationship styles better, we can better understand our music tastes and how they shape our lives.