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WPP Strengthens Salesforce Expertise with Fenom Digital Acquisition

The Global Advertising Giant Makes a Move Toward Further Digital Capabilities

WPP, the world’s largest advertising agency, made a move to expand its capabilities with the acquisition of Fenom Digital, an India-based Salesforce partner. The global advertising giant has invested in the full-service digital agency to increase its Salesforce capabilities.

Fenom Digital was founded in 2017 and specializes in marketing analytics and cloud solutions. The company has a substantial presence in India and provides Salesforce solutions to both regional and international companies.

WPP Investing in Digital

WPP has been on a mission to make inroads into digital capabilities and analytics. The acquisition of Fenom Digital reflects the company’s focus on leveraging digital opportunities for its existing and new clients.

The company believes that the terms of the agreement, which were not made public, will be of significant benefit to WPP’s clients. WPP CEO Mark Read said the acquisition will bolster the company’s digital transformation journey.

Innovative Services

Fenom Digital is well known for its innovative services and solutions, which have helped its clients maximize customer experience and boost engagement. The company’s expertise and experience with Salesforce will be critical in helping WPP increase its digital capabilities.

The Fenom Digital team will become part of WPP’s Xeim, a full-service digital agency. The addition of Fenom Digital to the Xeim portfolio will bring greater depth and expertise in areas like customer relationship management, customer service, and e-commerce.

Investments in the Future of Advertising

The acquisition of Fenom Digital is part of WPP’s larger strategy to invest in the future of advertising. WPP believes the addition of the company’s resources and capabilities to its existing Salesforce services will help the company to stay competitive in the rapidly shifting digital and technology landscape.

WPP is confident that the acquisition of Fenom Digital will add value and expertise to its existing services and capabilities. The company is also looking forward to leveraging the digital agency’s insights and expertise to bring greater value to clients.


The acquisition of Fenom Digital further bolsters WPP’s digital capabilities and expertise. The company is confident that the move will result in greater value creation for its customers and position WPP at the forefront of the rapidly changing technology and digital landscape.